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This is a 2 year program of Master in which students earn a Master of Nano materials and devices. This program requires 56 credit hours to be taken.

Course work is organized into the following curriculum components:

  • Core curriculum: 11 credit hours

  • Elected specialty and concentration area: 24 credit hours

  • Master’s thesis: 15 credit hours

  • Electives: 6 credit hours

Core curriculum

The core curriculum is designed to provide all students with a general knowledge in philosophy and languages techniques. It provides the basic skills and integration necessary for understanding the field and preparing for more advanced work in an elected area of specialization. The core curriculum consists of 3 courses (11 credit hours):

  • MG01: Philosophy

  • MG02: Foreign language for general purposes

  • MG03: Foreign language for scientific purposes


All students complete 24 credits obligatory hours’ courses scientific. The intent of these courses is to give students basis knowledge in the micro and nanotechnology field and allowing them to put many of methods and techniques learned in the classroom into practice in a laboratory. A seminar on nano science and technology that is taken place during the studying supplies all students with updated information concern the nanotechnology. A student is also prepared some skills necessary to manage and monitor the researches scientific.

  • NN601: Electronic properties of nanostructured materials

  • NN602: Electronic techniques

  • NN603: Nano chemical technology

  • NN604: Practicum in research

  • NN701: Computer interfacing and data acquisition

  • NN702: Magnetism and nanostructured magnetic materials

  • NN703: Semiconductor physics and nanostructured semiconductor

  • NN704: Nanostructured photonic materials

  • NN705: Seminar on nano – science and technology

  • NN707: Technology for nanostructured materials and devices

  • NN706: Research in laboratories


A student must enroll for 6/16 credits hours for this option. The elective is proposed to helps student focus their interest area and course work for the remainder of their studies and provides more information in the area of nano materials and devices application. Eight courses can be collected:

  • NN801: Micro-, Nano- devices and systems

  • NN802: Micro and nano system design technologies

  • NN803: Nanoelectronics

  • NN804: Advanced organic chemistry

  • NN805: Computer simulation method for nanosystem and applications

  • NN806: Advanced quantum mechanics

  • NN807: Quantization of microscopic systems

  • NN808: Symmetries of atoms, molecules and solids 

Master’s thesis:

The Master’s thesis is designed to give students an opportunity to pursue a particular topic in depth. All students are required to successfully complete and defend a paper, project or thesis. Registration for any one of these options is available only to students who, at a minimum, have successfully completed their first year of full time study (or its equivalent), and who have chosen a specialization and Major Professor. The intent is to insure that these options are available only to students who have completed the core and introductory specialty courses.

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